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2021 Round Robin

Each participant choses a Traditional or Improvisational style and prepares a center block, which will be worked on by 5 other group 

members, with exchanges every 2 months. The final return to the "owner" will happen in November, in time for Show and Tell.

Proposed schedule

January 24th will be the initial block exchange, when you will also receive a bag for your quilt and a notebook for communications, comments, etc. Subsequent exchanges will be on March 7th, May 16th, July 11th, September 12th, and November 14th, all Sundays.

Prior to the pandemic, quilt exchanges were made at the Monday Educational Sessions. In 2020 we successfully exchanged our work on the walkway outside Bay Quilts. For now, I suggest we continue this method at 2 p.m. on Sundays according to the above schedule. If/when the pandemic situation changes and Education Sessions happen again, we can amend the schedule. If you are unable to bring your quilt at the scheduled time for any reason, don't worry, just contact me and we'll make alternate arrangements.

Guidelines but no "rules"!

Traditional means a center block (pieced, appliqued, or whole  cloth), square or rectangular 10-12" on a side. Subsequent quilters will add a 3” to 8" border on all 4 sides. Improvisational means a similar center block, but additions can be made on one, two, three or four sides and should be between 2-6" in width.

If originators have requests, please write them in a notebook which will be passed on with the center block. For example: nothing blue, no curves, lap size, etc. As the quilt top passes around, adding a short note to the originator about your addition will be appreciated.

If you wish particular fabrics to be used, please include them with your initial block, but this is not required. You may include all, some, or no fabric. Feel free to experiment. Round Robin provides the opportunity to use fabrics, colors and techniques that you swore you'd never be caught dead using.

To quote last year's leader: "Participants should be good at honoring deadlines and be prepared to do good quality work." That said, there are no judges and no beadles.

Nicola Hanchock 

RR Coordinator

Questions? See the Directory for phone & email information.

The 2021 Round Robin is now full.


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