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2022 Activities Recap

What happened?

Life is slowly returning to normal. In-person activities started to re-appear at EBHQ.  Alameda County Arts Commission allowed folks to see our quilts up close. Open Quilting was introduced which has allowed us to see each other and sew together again. And then there was an in-person Show & Tell for the first time since 2019. Things are looking up.  Still many sew-at-home activities such as the Round Robin, Chunk of the Month, and Color Wheel Study kept us busy at home. And, as always, many, many quilt photos were uploaded to galleries on the website.

Quilt by Joy Troyer

Alameda County Arts Commission 

ACAC again extended an invitation to EBHQ to share our quilts in their public gallery, This year 17 Quilts were hung. 

See the Quilts


Round Robin Challenge

Each quilter provided a starting block to be added to by 5 other group members in a Traditional (adding fabric on all sides) or Improvisational (adding fabric anywhere) style. Quilts were passed on every 2 months. The final quilt top was returned to the "starter" in the fall.

The Big Reveal of all the completed tops took place on Zoom in December! Find out how the Round Robin worked here.

Check out photos and comments about the finished tops in the Round Robin Gallery

Quilt by Anne Burns Johnson et al


Samples by Pam Jensen

Color Wheel Study

An in-home activity. The year started off with a different single color each month.  Then, in October we moved on to studying 3 analogous colors each month.

Quilters are encouraged to pull out a color wheel to create a small piece using your choice of color schemes, including triad, split complementary, monochromatic, analogous, etc. Essentially, play with color! Study the Color Wheel heresew, then add to the Gallery.



Chunk of the Month

This 6 month mystery quilt activity was designed by Julia McLeod and was introduced to us at a Quilters Gather.  Each month Julia provided a new Chunk pattern, This activity, when completed created enough blocks for a 48" square quilt. Review the process here.

Look at some of our journey through the Chunk of the Month Member Gallery here.


Quilt by Judy Jensen

Show & Tell Nights: In person and virtual

S&T was back in person in November. So nice after missing a couple of yearsView the In-person Show & Tell.

For those would couldn't attend the in-person or we provided a virtual show including all the entered quilts. See them here.



Quilters Gather

Quilters Gather continued to be virtual through 2022. A  variety of entertaining talks by EBHQ members and a peek into some home sewing studios were presented.  

Vanina Doce Mood Studio


Open Quilting

EBHQers enjoyed several months of meeting in person again at the Albany Church. We've worked on projects, swapped fabric, checked out each others quilts, chatted up a storm.

Later in the year we opened our EBHQ Library which you can visit on the Open Quilting days (2nd Tuesday and 3rd Saturday of each month).



Virtual Clubhouses 

On the first Saturday of each month. virtual Clubhouses met throughout 2022, offering members a zoom room for chatting and sewing. Check the Activities Calendar to see when the next one is scheduled. Register to get the Zoom link emailed to you. 



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