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Workshop Comments

Have you wondered how EBHQ's virtual workshops compare to our in-person ones?

Our participants have given them a thumbs up! Read on.....

Valerie Goodwin, June 22 & 23: Map Play

Class was very well organized with clear instructions, design instruction and practice and lots of practical assignments.  Lots to learn and plenty to practice.

This was a really well organized class with excellent spacing between "lecture" , demonstration and time for individual work.  I thought the process for making the earth/background was very useful for the maps but also for other work.  Valerie's timing and structure was very appreciated.

Valerie Goodwin’s Map Play workshop offered design theory and abundant fabrication techniques. Presentations where well spaced with work time allowed for a very productive weekend. A second workshop with Valerie would be fun!

Map Play was very fun.  Valerie was terrific!  She helped us to apply the Principles of Design, coached us all the way and gave us inspiring ideas.

Catherine Redford, Saturday, May 18: Walking Food Quilting - Beyond the Ditch

This class gave so much more than walking foot quilting. Thread, variety in stitches and thread, a teacher who is so very experienced. This class was the best!! 

Great workshop. I learned a lot about using my machine, gained some interesting methods and lost some fears about approaching quilting with a walking foot.

Catherine is an engaging teacher. I enjoyed the class. Best info is making a grid with the serpentine stitch. Easier to make a quilt more interesting.

Very thorough walk through on machine quilting, from quilting open seam vs folded to one side seams through to different types of spirals.  Really expanded the variety of machine stitches I can use, with good tips on gentle curves and more.

Thank you. Great workshop - confirmed what I know and learned new techniques!

Loved the class and Catherine’s cheerful, sometimes cheeky attitude!

Catherine Redford, Sunday, May 19: Dimensional Hand Embroidery

Very funny woman - good teacher!

Thank you for a wonderful workshop, Catherine. Your teaching style is playful and smart. I’m a seasoned embroidery, but I came away with new techniques and ideas. 

 Thank you. I am a pretty experienced embroiderer but I still learned a lot of good tips on all the stitches.

Just loved this class.  I really leaned a lot.  She's great and fun to take a class from , that's why I've taken so many of hers.

Wonderful class. Fun, casual but quite informative. I like the book and the kit was great. I can see myself becoming a Catherine groupie.

Blair Stocker, Saturday, April 27: The Best T-Shirt Ever

Fun class! Lots of great tips for working with t-shirts. And good refresher on value — it’s all relative! Great class!  Fun, relaxing.  Plus I am now started on the quilt I promised my son so many years ago.  Thanks for that.

Great class! Fun to learn more about using t shirt fabric!

Very fun class, many good tips working with knits and baby clothes. Thanks, Blair. Thank you to the hosts Susan and Diane.


I’ve always wanted to try a t-shirt quilt, and this was a great way to get started! Thank you, Blair!

Blair Stocker, Sunday, April 28: Find the Value in Your Stash

Great Class, thank you Blair. I learned a lot and appreciated this class!

This was such a great method of  making a scrappy quilt and also of understanding how the value of a print is impacted by the prints around it. Thank you for such a great workshop!

Great focus on value! I think I’ve got it . Now to play –

I enjoyed this class, Very informative and I loved how everyone’s layout came out. So beautiful!

Fun class! Great way to use up all my prints!

Terrific workshop Blair! Very useful! Thanks so much.

 A very fun class and lots of time to play with values, thanks Blair for a lot of great tips.

Mel Beach, Sunday February 25: Intriguing Interleaves

Thank you for a wonderful workshop! I will definitely try a few more after I finish this one.

You are an awesome teacher! Another good workshop! Really well explained and documented with slides .

Thank you Mel! What a fun way to play with colors.

Fun and different! Excellent teacher. Now I have to fix my mistakes, which I am 100% responsible for.

Great class. Looks complicated but Mel does a great job simplifying the method and gave lots of ideas for variations.

Thanks! I enjoyed this very much and have lots of ideas for the future! Great class!!! Mel made the process easy with lots of details and ideas

Sarah Nishiura, Saturday, January 27: Foundation Piecing with Scraps

This has been a wonderful workshop. It’s been a great way to see how improvisation and more traditional quilting can integrate.

A really fun workshop. I learned many different techniques and Sarah showed many possibilities of how to put the same pieces together differently to make very different quilts.

Thanks so much for the class (and for making it available to a non-member like me!). I learned a lot from other people’s questions and comments, and appreciated the flexible agenda. I was able to spend most of my time on designing and writing out a few ideas. I’m very excited to start sewing later tonight! 

Fun ideas for a group quilt project

I am an art quilter, so I’m interested in using this technique for art quilts.

Sarah Nishiura, Saturday, January 27: Reconsider the Grid

Great art history talk!

Thank you Sarah for a very informative and inspirational workshop on "Reconsidering the Grid." Techniques were clearly explained and demonstrated. My creative juices are flowing, and I'm developing a new fondness and appreciation for graph paper! Thanks, too, to EBHQ for providing such high caliber Zoom workshops!

Just wanted to say this was a great class! Inspiring!

Great workshop! So many wonderful quilt design ideas to play with. And her method for making half-rectangle triangles is great and gives you very precise HRTs.

This workshop was fabulous and I learned so much. Great brain work!! Thank you so much Sarah!

Sarah’s workshop was very inspiring! I took her technique and adapted it to reflect a woven coverlet design with a center square that I can fit a sample of a walking foot design I made in another recent workshop I took. I am juiced!

Sarah Goer, Saturday, October 28: All About Angles

Fun class, with new techniques and ways of looking at my projects. 

I have really enjoyed playing with angles and strips today.  Lots of good suggestions for variations which I look forward to trying.  Thank you, Sarah! (

This is the first EBHQ workshop I have done and it was great. Sarah is a fantastic teacher. She broke down all the steps and how to do more complicated techniques, and design factors to consider. I learned so much and will definitely continue to play around with this technique again, now I know how it works. Thanks!

Great workshop for improv piecing and composition. Lots of variations and ways to mix it up and try new things.  Excellent explanation and plenty of time to ask questions.  Really fun! 

I enjoyed using more precise cutting of angles but then being able to make an improv quilt.  Mine is a ways from becoming a quilt but that’s the most thoughtful part of me.   I am looking forward to hearing your lecture Monday night. 

Brandy Maslowski, Saturday, September 23: Colorways

Thank you!  I need to miss the afternoon.  Such an inspirational workshop.  ❤️

Thanks, Brandy, for a very fun workshop. I learnt many great tips and had fun playing.

 Enjoyed the workshop! Found it inspiring!

 Absolutely loved this class!  Brandi is an excellent teacher, and so personable.  Her words of wisdom about quilting and feelings were much appreciated. I learned so much!

 This class is a delight!

Kitty Wilkin, Saturday, August 26: Fearless Foundation Piecing

Clear directions!  Difficult at first to understand sewing backwards. But Kitty made the hard to do, easy!

This will be a great addition to the sampler I’m making.  Thank you.

Thanks Kitty! I am in the car and was happy to see the block being put together.

Kelly Ashton, Saturday, May 20: Magic Squares

Never did fussy cutting before! I always wondered what happened to the pieces of fabric I picked up in the free bin. Kelly shared so many pithy tips. From selecting fabrics to where to pay attention when cutting, how to use all the fabric. Great fun!

I have done something like "fussy cutting" when doing improv work, but not precision piecing.  It was fun and surprising!  Buy more fabric than you think you need, so you can have an extra swatch for the fabric back, because it transforms the fabric such that the results are very surprising.  Also found out about starch and that you need to wash it out gently before using or storing the quilt.  Great workshop.

This class was both fun and intriguing.  It's fascinating to see how designs emerge and change as a result of a cut and a turn.  Kelly was a great teacher and paced the day well.  She provided lots of great tips as well as ample time to sew.  The best way to learn.  I'm sure I will make another. It's a very addictive technique.

Kelly’s class was a lot of fun!  So intriguing to see the secondary designs emerge!  It was great to be able  to see the fabrics and blocks of all the other participants.  Kelly paced the day well and we had ample time to work and have something to show.

Kelly Ashton, Sunday May 21: Tumbling Block / Inner City

She is great! I love that she has examples of all the different choices.

I learned so. Much about Y seams color value and how with a simple seam at a time it can all come together. She’s a great teacher presenting step by step how to make so many projects. No more fear of Y seams.

Kelly’s teaching techniques make y-seam less intimidating. Pressing cover-convergence is great.

I've been wanting to sew tumbling blocks for years and this took away all the mystery! Kelly is a wonderful teacher and easy to learn from. I enjoyed the whole day and I’m inspired to build a creative quilt!

So glad to spend two days with Kelly. I have learned several new techniques, but even more, Kelly explanations and demos taught me how to look at the blocks and seams so that I feel more confident to troubleshoot my work as I practice Y seams going forward. Thank you, Kelly.

Diane Harris, Sunday April 23: StarQuar Scrap Quilts

I love it!  Every time I take a class I learn something in addition to the main topic.  Today it was stitch length and spinning!

Great workshop!  A wonderful and very versatile block that has so many possibilities.  Diane was a great instructor with lots of practical hints for taming the stash monster that grows in all of our quilting spaces.

Diane is kind, encouraging, and patient.  She is well-organized and is able to think of several different ways of explaining the same concept.  She also has a pleasant speaking voice, which is a great feature in a day-long class!  Her class was about a particular quilt block, but she included lots about scrap management and color value & contrast, and a bunch of other little bonus tips too.  It’s been a great day!

In addition to the core elements of this workshop, I really appreciate the efficiencies demonstrated, especially since I'm very slow at sewing.  Also loved finding another super saver of triangles! To tech support, I LOVE getting your emails. It really helps me to not lose track of events.

Wonderful class! Thank you Diane for all the useful techniques and tips. I love scraps and I am always looking for new ways of creating with them, I am so glad I got the opportunity to take this class/

Thank you so much for this delightful class.  I learned many new techniques, got some tips and learned a new basic- and simple to sew …. block that can become so many different patterns. Diane was so very supportive and generous.

Laura Loewen, Saturday August 27: Mind's Eye

Thank you, Laura for a fun and interesting class. I learned a lot about making memory quilts, filler piecing for odd shapes and quilting plans. Laura gave me lots of ideas.

Lauren, a great way to spend a day!  Leaving inspired, have new information and skills - and a project to work on!

I liked her tips and tricks for the process. And I especially enjoyed her ideas of how to progress for people's specific pieces of work. Really helpful.

Thanks for your encouragement, Laura, and for sharing so many interesting ideas for quilting and adding more interest to each piece. Although I didn't accomplish much in class, beyond my sketch, I have the impetus to make a quilt happen.

Thank you for the encouragement towards translating memory into color, omitting the interval steps which is so difficult.  This quilt will be finished!  Thank you for working with us.

Laura Loewen, Sunday August 28: Moon Phases 

Fun to learn a different hand stitch for joining fabrics. Thanks for these moon patterns.

An excellent workshop.  Enjoyed it and learned a lot about paper piecing.

I enjoyed this class immensely. I did a lot of prep ahead of time which made it easier to listen. I am not sure if there was a list of things I needed (hoop, etc), but I may have missed it.

Enjoyed the workshop.  Great to learn the ladder stitch. 

This was a fun workshop. I am an experienced appliquer but was not familiar with English paper piecing for curves. And I love the moons!

Wonderful workshop with Laura!  I learned so, so much!

Daisy Aschehoug, Saturday May 21: Pebble Pop 

Very creative design, Daisy.  Your class was fun and informative.   I appreciated your demonstrations and your clear explanations.  Thanks for a great Saturday.

I signed up for the wrong class BUT I SO GLAD I DID! The Pebble Pop pattern is so fun and Daisy is an amazing and patient instructor.

Daisy is a great teacher. Many good tips about free curve cutting and piecing. Thank you, Daisy and EBHQ

I was intrigued by the Pebble Pop block and the idea that it could be pieced improvisationally  It looked impossible! I loved learning how to make it in class. Daisy made it easy.  Fun class!

I’ve been eyeing this Pebble Pop quilt for a long time and so pleased that I’ve now learned Daisy’s technique It’s a very fun, and forgiving way to make a quilt. It’s been a great workshop. Thanks, Daisy!

Daisy Aschehoug, Sunday May 22: Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes

Loved the class. Love precision piecing and get some flack from my free-wheeling quilt group.  They are going to be so jealous.

I really enjoyed Daisy's class on curves and stripes.  She gave us lots of tips and tricks to help us be successful.  Fun to do some modern designs.

Thank you for all the tips. I’ve worked with  curved piecing before but adding the strip sets really challenged my understanding. It really opened up my imagination for new possibilities and ways to look at designs. Great class.

Cheryl Arkison, Saturday April 24: Scraptastic 

This was such a fun class - a day playing withscraps and learning Cheryl’s tips, techniques and philosophy for scrap quilting.

The bottom line is to use your scraps. Cheryl gave tips and techniques that enables that to happen! It was great to spend the day learning with her.

Excellent class. I needed a relook on my scraps. Cheryl is great.

Cheryl is a very good teacher. It’s a great and playful class. Sorting by colors and then making blocks with different values help me a lot. Many fantastic ideas.

Cheryl Arkison, Sunday April 25: Make Words not War

Another fun class with Cheryl. So many great tips to make letters and quilting, fabric selections. Thank you, Cheryl.

A great class, Cheryl has covered so much information for us.

I’m excited about using words in my future work. Cheryl gave lots of tips that will be useful in all my quilting.

I’ve made quite a few words quilts before CheryI’s class so I wasn’t sure if I would learn something new, but this class was so informative and fun. I will be making lots more word quilts and am so happy that I now have Cheryl’s tips and techniques going forward!

I love taking these workshops even though I am familiar with the technique taught on them. I love the community, the tips people share, you always learn something! Cheryl had so much covered and shared so much knowledge, great class!! Thank you, Cheryl!

Julia Graves, Saturday & Sunday, February 26 & 27, 2022:  Amazing Abstracts 

I was so glad to see this class offered by EBHQ, since I hadn't been able to take Julia's class at the Vermont Quilt Festival (via zoom) last summer.  What seems completely overwhelming in terms of design, becomes understandable when Julia steps through the process.  I enjoyed the process of design mock-up (which I'd never done) and then foundation piecing.  A challenge for me, but I really enjoyed these two days and can't wait to see my piece completed.  Really inspiring class!

This is a very interesting and challenging class for me. I learned many new techniques. Julia is a great and encouraging teacher. Thank you!

This looked like a very intimidating style, however, Julia helped us step by step.  She was very helpful counseling us through our problem areas.  Great class for a stunning outcome!

Julia is a great teacher!  She really knows how to use Zoom so it almost seems better than in person.  She gave good instructions, was willing to repeat things, and gave us all personal attention.  She was very encouraging.  Glad we got the two-day class so we could use our own designs.

David Sirota, Saturday, January 29, 2022:  Scrappy Stars

David keeps it lively & fun so you don't realize the time is passing. Practical tips, great pacing and he makes sure everyone is on the same page. Thank you!

Loved the floss tip and learning how to do paper piecing without tearing out paper and using the same template over and over!  Thank you, Quilt Maven Dave!!  Class was really enjoyable!

Excellent information.  Loved the use of vellum and not sewing through the paper.  Much easier to remove.  Thank you.

The class was full of very helpful tips on nesting center points to match.  Using vellum made the process so much easier than using paper or freezer paper.

I haven't had "tears" from paper piecing before, but David's techniques and tips make it even more appealing.

David’s method is very logical and he explains the details very clearly. I feel confident that I can replicate it with other patterns.

I’ve done quite a bit of paper piecing and learned a few different and useful tips. Dental Floss! Who knew how accurate it can make your center. Thanks David!

David Sirota, Sunday, January 30, 2022:  New Hampshire Beauty

Great class from David! Always wanted to try a “beauty” and this NH one was really fun. Again, lots of good tips.

Another great class by David! I especially like how he helps us fix mistakes in real time. I can now approach my paper piecing with more confidence.

David had some great tips and tricks!

Using vellum instead of paper was very clever. It's kind of like freezer paper paper-piecing, but better! It meant we didn't have to rip the paper out!

Krista Hennebury, Saturday, October 23:  Courthouse Colourplay

This is a great class. The block is so much fun to make. Krista gave detailed explanations and different ways the blocks can come together. Thank you, Krista.

It's been a few months since I took an EBHQ class and I've felt like my quilting mojo was "languishing." This was just the boost I needed. Thank you, Krista.

This is the most fun with color since my coloring book days. It’s so easy to do, I'm more likely to finish a quilt.

I have always been a pattern/rule follower so this class was a good stretch for me to think about quilting in a different way and "let the quilt be what it is" Thanks for offering a chance to play with color and technique.

So much fun to be part of a class. I’m on Whidbey Island, WA, waiting for the storm that you are experiencing. Gives me plenty of time to play with blocks! Thanks for the inspiration and excellent explanation of your technique!

This was such a fun class!  Easy technique and then a brain teaser in putting it together.  I'm going to enjoy puzzling it out, once I get all of my blocks finished.

Krista is a very encouraging and thoughtful teacher.  She really articulates the process so well!  Lots of handy tips and encouragement!

Krista Hennebury, Sunday, October 24:  Speed Date with Improv 

EXCELLENT workshop. I love wonky and improv--you've given me more to work with (plus a pile of parts from today).  Your instructions plus videos made a great Zoom day.

An information-packed day filled with techniques and tips! I'm looking forward to using, honing and including them in future quilts.

Enjoyed learning so many different construction techniques!  Krista describes and demonstrated them so well!  Thank you, Krista, and EBHQ for a great workshop!

Fabulous class. Perfect balance of demonstration and doing. Right amount of time for sewing. Great use of Zoom and video. Thank you all.

Great class Krista. I had been afraid of improv until now.  Thank you.

Audrey Esarey, Saturday, September 25: Abstract Arcs

I really appreciate Audrey’s tips about inserting 1/8in strips. It makes it so easy. Audrey’s

instructions are detailed and easy to follow. Thank you.

I really enjoyed this class - who knew that I'd find so many curves to be enjoyable! Audrey had

great tips and techniques that will help me with a lot of my piecing. A very enjoyable day

piecing on line.

My first taste of curved piecing. A new technique to add to my list. Great tips on piecing and

quilting. take away: Remember to always check your pattern print out is at 100%.

Great combination of getting to play around with improv and learning some new precision

techniques. I had a lot of fun, thanks so much Audrey!

Audrey Esarey, Sunday September 29: Indigo Radial

Curves made easy! Learned how to pin a curve so it sews smoothly, even with narrow strips.

I never thought I'd be able to say that I am comfortable with curved piecing, but after two

classes this weekend with Audrey, I am a convert. Still not perfect, but a confident piecer of

curves! Audrey paced the class well, provided tips for all aspects of the Indigo Radial pattern

and has lots of good suggestions for adjusting the pattern to make other variations. Loved the


Audrey is an excellent teacher, very prepared and organized with lots of clear explanations and

patience. This class included challenging techniques, but were easy to accomplish.

I learned a lot and gained confidence with cutting and piecing precision curves.

A lot of information, and enough time to complete a couple blocks...perfect! Thanks, Audrey!

I learned a few tricks, like taping the template pieces to the fabric and some tips on pinning.

Everything made sense. The effective use of finger pressing was a surprising treat. The organization and

details repeated in different ways really aided my learning. Audrey was excellent about

describing why she does things the way she does.

Malka Dubrawsky Saturday, August 28: Dye Workshop

What fun this was! I'll now be looking at things from veggies to things in the garage in a whole new way, as I figure out how to use them to create new fabric! I really enjoyed this class and would encourage anyone to experiment with this.

Good workshop - I learned a lot even though I didn't do anything!

I learned many ways of transferring colors to fabrics. Thank you, Malka.

Excellent class ! Clear instructions and humor! I will continue to practice.

I’ve learned to love and appreciate the lowly potato!

Malka Dubrawsky Sunday, August 29: Resist Workshop

Thank you so much, Malka. What a lovely workshop. I learned so much, and can’t wait to continue with this process.

Never thought I'd be able to do wax resist dyeing at home, but this was great. Malka made it easy to follow and I'm confident that I'll be able to do some on my own.

Thanks, Malka! It’s fascinating to work with dyes rather than paints on fabric. Deep and clear colors, sometimes the dye has a mind of its own.

I was surprised at how not messy it was! I didn't get any dye on my workspace

Marge Tucker Saturday, May 22: Going in Circles

One thing I loved about the class is that we started sewing almost immediately. Thank you for that!!!

Great pacing...really appreciated breaks, makes 6 hours less tiring. Really learned a lot.

Fun class! A ton of ideas offered from one technique.

Lots of really fun ideas to do.  And, lots of sewing time to try out new techniques.  Thanks for a great workshop Marge

Extremely enjoyable workshop with creative ideas, concise instruction and non-intimidating help from Marge, an excellent instructor.  Thank you, Marge

Marge Tucker Sunday, May 23: Eel Grass and Eddies

Marge is an excellent teacher and well-prepared.  She encouraged confidence in putting a sharp blade through 21 inches of material right off the bat.  Her teaching involved color, shape, size, placement, and contrast.  A lot to take with us to next projects.  Thank you.

A key phrase for me was gentle curves”.  Anything too curvy was harder to sew.

It was so helpful to have the handout in advance.  The handout was very clear.

Marge Tucker taught us a curved piecing technique with many ways to make variations.  Great use of zoom to demo and make it clear how to organize and sew together the curved blocks. Helpful to have the handout to review as we learned.

Wow...I can now sew curves...and baby step out of my traditional mode and dip my toes into improv.  Thanks so much, Marge, for helping me break out.

Great class...another skill in my toolbox.  I can now sew curves, no pins...no register marks.

Fern Royce Saturday, April 24: Parts and Pieces

Today I learned how to sew a curved row of flying geese! It's my new favorite technique. Thank you Fern for sharing your skills.

It’s a really fun workshop, I learnt to sew spikes and dancing squares and curved flying geese. Many fun techniques. Fern is a great teacher. Thank you very much.

Thank you, Fern, for the new techniques, which you demonstrated so patiently today. I have new ideas for elements, which I'll include in my circles quilt. It's always nice to meet others who don't like to throw away their scraps!

I didn’t do anything that I intended to do, but I sure did have fun! I really liked making the flying geese units and the dancing squares. I am looking forward to trying the curved piecing & the spikes.

Class with Fern was great. Learned a lot of creative ways to finish quilts. Several techniques that will be handy. I practiced the ones that seemed trickier so I would be able to make them again. Enjoyed seeing other people’s ideas and appreciated how Fern was able to suggest different ideas.

I love Fern’s calm easy style, good pace, and her grace dealing with some technical issues.

Fern Royce Sunday, April 25: Working Small 

This is a great class and I learned a lot about details and tricks! Getting a bit more confident! Thanks Fern. You are a wonderful and very kind teacher. 

Very fun workshop. I had a great time sewing small log cabins and house tops. 

Class was awesome! It was super productive and so much fun. I am a dancer so I love the dancing squares and wiggles! :)

We learned so many techniques—especially enjoyed the dancing squares. It’s great to have our stash available to dip into.

You covered quite a variety of techniques with great demonstrations and explanations. Was very glad to try out so many ways of working small.

A fantastic class with lots of good techniques. The scraps I save have gotten much smaller, not sure if that is good or bad! Thank you Fern it was a wonderful day!

Rachel Derstine Saturday, March 27: Artful Couching

Fantastic class. She focused on this one technique and I feel now that I can incorporate it into my quilting.  Thank you Rachel

I really enjoyed the class - nice to learn a new technique and use a presser foot I’ve had for a long time and never used!

This was a really fun and informative class.  I’ve done couching before, but Rachel provided me with a lot of good tips that made it so much easier.  I’m definitely going to incorporate more couching into my art quilts.  Many thanks to Rachel!!

I was a bit nervous taking this class because I have never done couching before. I had so much fun and I learnt a lot today. Thanks so much.

Thanks for the great class.  Being able to see the videos over and over again was really helpful.  It also allowed us to see very close up, better than in an in-person class.

Such a fun technique to have in my “tool kit”!  I loved how you had the individual videos of different steps which we could see over and over again as needed! Thank you, Rachel, for a great class! 

Rachel Derstine Sunday, March 28: Strata Quilt

Thanks again for a lovely day, and creative ideas. There was a lot of variety in this class: piecing curves, free motion quilting, couching, and the bonus video about screen printing on a quilt .  Fun class.

I enjoyed this class! Rachel was terrific (and I’m looking forward to her lecture). I thought the coordination by EBHQ was terrific. Thank you so much for the work.

It was a lovely and wonderful workshop with Rachel. I learned new techniques and played with many possibilities. 

Videos are great! Thanks for your effort to make them all.

Thank you very much for a fun class and for sharing the videos. I learnt a lot today.

Jenny Lyon Saturday, February 20: Start with a Square

Jenny - This has been a great class. thank you for such great information.

Great class, gives me confidence to try more designs. I also learned from seeing others’ work. So much fun!

Great class - I really had fun getting to try out my free-motion muscles!!

I was there on Saturday and it was fantastic!!! Jenny describes herself as Teacher, Author, Encourager and Artist and she could not be more on point. She is an outstanding teacher -- patient, clear and knowledgeable. She points out mistakes she has made which makes her human and an even more effective teacher. She is coach, champion and encourager and keeps you going. I had never done any free motion quilting before Saturday and with Jenny’s teaching and encouragement, I am ready to give it a try. I cannot recommend her highly enough. if you have a chance to take a workshop with Jenny, do it.

Jenny Lyon Sunday, February 21: Fearless Free Motion Quilting—Cutwork Scarf or Table Topper

This was a fun technique to try out and Jenny is an excellent teacher! very productive class. lots of hints for making sure your marks disappear, your scissors are correct for the job.

Great class for understanding the values of negative space. Jenny is patient and entertaining.

This was a fun technique to play around with. It was a good way to practice being consistent with my free motion sewing. Jenny is a great teacher.

Jenny’s class was a lot of fun! She is an excellent teacher. She provided a lot of useful tips and recommendations. We came away with understanding negative space, along with a new technique to incorporate into our toolkits.

Thank you for including me in your fun workshop! A great group. Jenny--thanks for your instruction, helpful tips, and sense of humor :)

I enjoyed every minute in the class designing practicing free motion quilting and all the tips about thread needles and scissors. Thank you very much.

Pati Fried Saturday, January 23: Design Journal

The class opened my eyes to see images in a new way. Now when I look through a magazine I see more than I saw before.  Pati showed how our pages can translate into designing a quilt. The best part is I now have a home for images I have been saving for years and can put somewhere where they inspire. me. I'm looking forward to making more pages in my design journal. Thank you Pati!

Pati, this was really good for me; gave me a new way of thinking about how to use my idea” pictures.  I think it will change my artwork and help keep me from getting so stuck.  Thanks.

This is a great class. Pati is an awesome teacher. I learned a lot about designs and new ideas. I think that one of the best thing about this class is no unfinished pieces. 

Taking a Zoom quilt class is the best experience during Covid.  Pati s class was very inspiring for making future quilts and we now all have a notebook of ideas.  We were able to share our photos and Pati gave us each feedback.  It is great to know that classmates were able to join from different states and areas in California.

Thank you for a most enjoyable class, Pati. I found your instruction inspiring and my creativity stoked! I learned new techniques, a new way to begin looking and thinking about design, and resources that I am excited to investigate. The Zoom experience was actually a great venue.

Patis class was a great way to re-set for the new year!  The notebook and cut images allowed a lot of exploration and reflection that was easily applied to my art and quilts. The notebook will be a great place to meditate and collect inspirations and a resource for years to come.

Pati Fried Sunday, January 24: Home Sweet Home

It was fabulous to just be given inspiration and ideas and go for it, with you there for techniques if needed. I am so glad that I took the Home Sweet Home class after Design Journal because the design class gave me the confidence to listen to how I reacted to my fabric and and try something. Normally I would just follow the rules and this allowed me to color outside the lines and feel good about it.

Great class. I do a lot of scrappy quilting so this is really helpful.

Such fun fun fun...the more I make, the better they get. Thanks Pati...learned a few new skills.

Sarah Bond Saturday, October 24, 2020: Coming Full Circle

Sarah Bond taught a great circle class. In one day we learned three different techniques to create graphic circles. Not only was she a wonderful teacher but she gave us beautiful illustrated instructions so we ll be able to do them in the future. Many thanks for a really nice day.

I learned a lot in this class with Sarah. She provided complete instructions and plenty of written documentation to go with the audio visuals.  The complicated looking blocks seem a lot easier now! 

What a rich and fun set of colors, ideas, and people. We learned three varieties of circles, each completely different effects and methods. Thanks very much to Sarah.

Just what I was hoping for.  Pace was fast, but that was ok.  The zoom class worked better than I expected, although I do miss meeting everyone in person.

What a wonderful class! Jam-packed full of useful information and very inspiring samples to share. Thanks to everyone at EBHQ for providing this wonderful opportunity!

Sarah Bond Sunday, October 25, 2020: Scrappy String Diamonds

Great class, Sarah!  Made for a fun and relaxing Sunday morning, 3-hour length was perfect.

Fun, easy, fast moving workshop. The attitude of the instructor and participants (i.e. play, challenge yourself to move out of your comfort zone, using scraps in a useful way) really made the class. Sarah was very encouraging to everyone and gave us fun options and decision points to think about.

Thank you so much, Sarah! I have a whole new area of quilting to explore now.

Great class that gives us new possibilities and ideas for scrap quilting. I was surprised that we could use pieced scraps in a string quilt.  Fun class with lots of tips on using scraps.

Lifted my spirits today!


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