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Roll the Dice

In January Vanina Doce-Mood introduced this new Activity at Quilters Gather.  Roll the Dice is a FUN way of creating. Each month, we will explore new design possibilities with elements of art, colors, and even feelings! while leaving everything to chance. This is a great exercise to get out of your comfort zone, build your creativity, and discover new opportunities. Come play with us!

Every month Vanina will again roll the dice so that we can move on to a new adventure in creativity. Join in anytime. Feel free to roll your own dice at home and make even more creations. And don't forget to show us your work (see how below).

Enjoy Vanina's recorded introduction to this Activity!

Read more about this activity here.

Print your own dice.

You do not need to register to participate, but be sure to register for Quilters Gather to get the Zoom link to watch our reveal.

Also, share your Rolls with other EBHQers by uploading a photo to the Roll the Dice Member Gallery on the EBHQ website and/or by emailing a photo to ebhquilters.gather@gmail.com to be added to the Quilters Gather Show and Tell slide show by 1 day before the next meeting. 

Previous Rolls









Triadic-Value-Maker's Choice


This Month's Roll

4 - 1 - 5

Analogous- Line - Memories

Vanina's Sample


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