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2021 Inspired By

Have you ever looked at a photo and been so inspired by its colors, shapes, mood, or perhaps a memory, that you felt the urge capture that inspiration in a quilt?

Last year, EBHQ’s presented Inspired By, an at-home sewing activity, hoping to stimulate our creativity by offering a monthly photo prompt. 

How did it work? Each month a new photo prompt was revealed at a Thursday night Meetup Zoom.  An email announcement with the photo was sent that same day to the entire membership. Everyone was invited to participate.

Fabric creations could be any size: a postcard, a quilt block, a wall hanging, a table runner, a placemat, a lap quilt, whatever. When finished sewing, many quilters were inspired to share their creation. Their photos were displayed at Meetups and uploaded to the Inspired By Member Gallery where you can still view them, and read how the photo inspired the design.

Previous Inspired By Photos

If you are Inspired By any of last year's photos, go for it! It's never too late to create!

Click on a photo to view a larger image. 

To view pictures of items created based on these photo, visit the Gallery Page

Members can still upload their Inspired By creations to the gallery.


        Inspiration #1                           Inspiration #2                         Inspiration #3

    March Inspiration Photo               April Inspiration Photo             May Inspiration Photo

        by Paul Hennessey                       by Paul Hennessey                   by Collin  Baubmbach





         Inspiration #4                        Inspiration #5                          Inspiration #6

     June Inspiration Photo               July Inspiration Photo               August Inspiration Photo

            by Tom Hall                                 by Meg Nixon                               by Tom Nixon


           Inspiration #7

September Inspiration Photo

 by Margaret Hennessey

Next New Photo

October Inspiration

Photo by Valerie Sopher

Click on photo to enlarge

October Sample

Sample provided by Meg Nixon


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