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Quilters Gather Details

October's Presentation 

Quilter Spotlight: Sandi Goldstein - Integrating Rust, Indigo and Botanicals into Quilts

Sandi Goldstein’s quilting style has taken many twists and turns since making her first Amish-inspired quilt in the 80’s. Hand dyeing and indigo work inspired her to explore the fusion of rust, indigo and botanical printing. Besides being drawn to this combination esthetically, Sandi explores the relationship between decay, renewal, and beauty. Iron degrades fabric, leaves transfer their beauty on the fabric and indigo transforms through a fermentation process. Sandi will share the tools and process for each of these elements through photographs as well showing recent examples of quilts.

Members: Quilters Gather hosted Kiss it Goodbye Fabric Swap On Saturday, Sept. 17

Lots of free fabric...lots of fun!

Chunk of the Month - A Mystery Quilt for 2022

It's the Chunk of the Month wrap-up. Time to send us photos of your finished tops. More information here.

To join our postcard swap: Select “Yes” to the Postcard Exchange option when you register for Quilters Gather. Mail your homemade fabric postcard within two weeks of receiving your partner’s name and address, and then look forward to receiving one in the mail! If you are not attending Quilters Gather but want to participate, email your name and address to EBHQuilters.Gather@gmail.com. For examples and a tutorial on fabric postcards see Susan Dague’s webpage

We will also view your images for the Color Wheel Study, Chunk of the Month or any other project you would like to share.

More About Virtual Open Studio: Curious how other quilters use their creative space? Want to discover organizational ideas and tips? Please show us your studio at an upcoming Quilters Gather. Participating is a great motivation to organize and clean your space! If you are interested, please contact us at EBHQuilters.Gather@gmail.com.

Two ways to share your work during Quilters Gather: 

  • Send images at least 3 days before the Quilters Gather to EBHQuilters.Gather@gmail.com with your full name and any of the following: title, dimensions, inspirations, postcard partner names. Please note: When you email your images to Quilters Gather you are automatically giving permission for EBHQ to display your work.
  • Hold your item(s) up to the camera during the meeting.

Members: You can share your work anytime on the EBHQ website by uploading a photo to the appropriate Member Album. 

Color Wheel Member Gallery.

Chunk of the Month Member Gallery

Valerie, Claire,  Fredda and Vanina

Quilters Gather Hosts

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Held the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm.   

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Postcard Exchange

Sample postcards by Nancy Wiilliams, Michelle Radcliffe, Michelle Leveler, Ellen Switkes, Nancy Cayton and Claire Sherman

Kiss It Goodbye Day


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