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Quilters Gather Details

February's Presentations:

Gestalt Theory—A Further Exploration into the Elements of Design with Fredda Cassidy

In this session we further explore how the human brain fills in blanks in an image to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Fredda will show how to identify and use several elements of design to fool the viewer into seeing patterns and images that aren’t there as in this famous image created by Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin.

APPLIQUICK, new tools and a new method of applique – Demonstration by Ellen Switkes

In this presentation, Ellen will briefly discuss various methods of applique, and then illustrate a fairly new method of turn under applique, the APPLIQUICK application technique created by Rosa Rojas. Rosa has created new tools to allow for precise cutting, handling and preparing individual pieces for applique.  Her technique facilitates use of complicated and very small pieces.

Roll The Dice!  - Vanina Doce-Mood: Roll the dice is a FUN way of creating. Each month, we will explore new design possibilities with elements of art, colors, and even feelings! while leaving everything to chance. Much more info here.

Valentine Exchange: Sign up to participate in our second Valentine Exchange. Send a fabric postcard, paper valentine, box of candy or whatever you like to your partner. Sign up for the Valentine Exchange when you register for February’s Quilters Gather by entering "Yes" for the Postcard Exchange. You will get an email with your partner’s address shortly after the program on February 9. Mail your valentine in time to reach your valentine by Tuesday, February 14. If you are not attending Quilters Gather but want to participate, email your name and address to EBHQuilters.Gather@gmail.com by February 10.

More About Virtual Open Studio: Curious how other quilters use their creative space? Want to discover organizational ideas and tips? Please show us your studio at an upcoming Quilters Gather. Participating is a great motivation to organize and clean your space! If you are interested, please contact us at EBHQuilters.Gather@gmail.com.

Two ways to share your work during Quilters Gather: 

  • Send images before the day of Quilters Gather to EBHQuilters.Gather@gmail.com with your full name and any of the following: title, dimensions, inspirations, postcard partner names. Please note: When you email your images to Quilters Gather you are automatically giving permission for EBHQ to display your work.
  • Hold your item(s) up to the camera during the meeting.

Members: You can share your work anytime on the EBHQ website by uploading a photo to the appropriate Member Gallery. 

Color Wheel Member Gallery.

Roll the Dice Member Gallery

Valerie, Claire,  Fredda and Vanina

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Held the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm.   

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Sample postcards by Nancy Wiilliams, Michelle Radcliffe, Michelle Leveler, Ellen Switkes, Nancy Cayton and Claire Sherman


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