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 This page:
• Registering for programs
Paying once for multiple transactions
Viewing invoices and making payments
Using discussion forums
• Member photo albums
Photo gallery pages
Making donations
• Using a member directory

Registering for programs

Upcoming programs that you can register for appear on an programs calendar view or list view.  Using the programs calendar, you can view program details and register for programs.

To view the details for a particular program, click the program name or the Show details link. To register for an program, click the Register button.

After you've clicked the Register button, follow these steps to complete your registration:

1.    If you are not already logged in, enter your email address. If you are already logged in, your email will already be filled in (though you can change it). 

2.    If there are multiple registration types, you will be asked to select a registration type (Members or Non-Members). 
Depending on whether you are logged in or not, some member-only registration types may not be available. If you are not logged in, but your email is already in the site's contact database, you will be prompted to log in. If your email is not in the contact database, you will be prompted to apply for membership.

3.    Once you select a registration type (Members or Non-Members)and click Next, the main registration form appears. 

Here, you fill out the registration form, and select additional program options, if any (e.g. meal preference, program sessions). If the programs is set up with a guest registration option, you can indicate the number of guests.

4.    Once you are finished filling out the form, click Next.

5.    What happens next depends on the payment method chosen when the program was set up.

·       If only offline payment was enabled, then you will have the option of canceling or confirming the registration. If you click the Confirm button, an invoice will be emailed to you, and a registration summary will be displayed. From the registration summary, you can choose to view or pay the outstanding invoice.

·       If only online payment is enabled, then a Pay online button will appear. Clicking the Pay online button will take you to the online payment screen.

·       If both online and offline payment is enabled, then two buttons will be displayed: Pay online and Invoice me. Clicking the Pay online button will take you to the online payment screen for your payment provider. Clicking the Invoice me button will result in you being emailed an invoice – which you can pay online or offline – and a registration summary being displayed. From the registration summary, you can choose to view or pay (online) the outstanding invoice.

Paying once for multiple transactions

If you're registering for multiple programs, or joining as a member and registering for an program at the same time, you can make a single payment for the multiple transactions. To avoid paying separately for each transaction, follow these steps:

1.    For each transaction except the final one, click the Invoice me button rather than the Pay online button.

2.    For the final transaction, click the Pay online button and all your transactions will be combined into a single payment.

Viewing invoices and making payments

If you have any unpaid invoices, a message will appear after you log in at the bottom right corner.

To view or pay the outstanding invoice, click the link. You will be taken to the Invoices and payment tab on your member profile, where you can view and pay invoices, and view past payments. You can also access this screen by displaying your member profile then clicking the Invoices and payments link.

Invoices with open balances (unpaid or partially paid) will be shown at the top of the screen. To pay one or more outstanding invoices, click the checkbox beside the invoice(s) you want to pay, then click the Pay online button. If you have credits on your account, they will appear as payments that you can also select to apply against your outstanding invoices.

Once you click the Pay online button, you will be taken to an online payment screen where you can enter your credit card details.

You may also receive invoices via email. If you click the View invoice online link within the emailed invoice, you can view and pay the invoice online without logging in.

Using discussion forums

Creating a forum topic

If you are authorized to create forum topics, a Create topic button will appear above and below the topic list. After clicking this button, you can enter the subject and the body of the new topic. You can use the options appearing on the content editor toolbar to format the body text, and add links and tables. Once you are done composing the topic, click Create. The topic will now appear on the main forum page.

Normally, the topics you post will identify you using your first and last name. If member pictures are enabled, your picture will be displayed unless the picture field is restricted under your privacy settings. If you chose to hide your entire profile from others in your privacy settings – or if you are not a member – the topic will identify you as Anonymous. If you restricted access to both your first name and last name in your privacy settings, you will be identified as Anonymous member.

Replying and commenting on forum topics

To reply to a topic, display the topic then click the Reply button. After clicking this button, you can enter the body of your reply. You can use the content editor to format the text and add pictures, document, or links. Once you are done composing your reply, click Post.

To comment on a particular reply within a topic, click the Quote link above the reply. This will include in your message the text of the reply that you are commenting on. Once you are done composing your comment, click Post.

To change the order in which topic replies are displayed, click the Show latest replies link or the Show oldest replies link. You can set the order differently for different topics, and your choices will be remembered between visits.

Subscribing to forums

You can subscribe to a forum, or to individual topics within the forum, so that you receive email notifications of updates. After receiving the notification, you can visit the forum to view the new topics or replies.

To subscribe to the entire forum, visit the forum page and click the Subscribe to forum link above the topic list.

Once subscribed, you will receive daily email notifications of new topics posted, or new replies to topics in the forum, with direct links to the Forum summary page and the new or updated topics within the email. See sample below. 

Forum EBHQ Member Forum at EBHQ
Updates for Sat, July 04, 2020

Did you watch Pati Fried's Zoom lecture on June 27th!, 1 post(s), Paula Zurowski (Administrator), Sat, July 04, 2020 6:34 AM;

To unsubscribe, go to your online profile page or use this link: Unsubscribe.

To unsubscribe to a forum, click the Subscribed (Unsubscribe) link that appears in place of the Subscribe to forum link, or clicks the Unsubscribe link in the email.

To subscribe to a particular topic in a forum, while you're on the topic page click the Subscribe to topic link above the topic messages. You will receive daily email notifications of replies or updates to this forum topic only, with the full text of the reply shown in the email. No need to go to the website to view it.

To unsubscribe to a forum topic, click the Subscribed (Unsubscribe) link that appears in place of the Subscribe to topic link, or click the Unsubscribe link in the email, or edit Email Subscriptions in your Profile.

By default, email notifications of forum updates are sent on a daily basis. You can change the frequency of the email notifications from daily to weekly or immediately. Daily forum notifications contain a summary of the previous day's updates. Weekly forum notifications are sent on Sunday night/Monday morning, and contain a summary of the previous week's updates. Immediately notifications are sent as soon as a reply is made to your topic. If you have an urgent need to know, choose Immediate.

Managing forum subscriptions

To change your forum subscription settings, go to the Email subscriptions page within your member profile and click the Edit profile button.