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Mini Virtual Program (MVP) Comments

Audrey Esarey, Saturday, Nov. 12: Watercolor Quilt

Audrey is a wonderful teacher and has developed some amazing patterns!  Thank you so much for this class!!

Excellent class and such good results!  Audrey is a consummate teacher and designer of mathematical precision.  Thank you.

Great class with Audrey sharing many tips and techniques for dealing with sewing circles. Good communication and patience. I'm really happy with my finished piecing.

The templates for this quilt are excellent. The quilt goes together smoothly despite all the curves!

We students certainly benefit from Audrey’s experience with teaching this pattern so many times.  Beautiful design - fun to learn new techniques.  Thank you!

David Hastings, Saturday, Oct. 8: Mini Mid-Mod Quilts

Very fun and satisfying to play with these mini-mods!!  Also so many great sewing tips!  Thank you, David!

Oh Boy!!! Gonna be making some great coasters for gifts. Thanks so much, David.

Beautiful.  And so addictive! These would make cool pincushions!

Good start to long-delayed hand sewing! Love all the little tips and tricks!

I love the trick about drawing the circle using the bottom of the Aurifil spool.

Lesson on how to bury a thread is amazing! Can't wait to try it. GREAT instructor!  Thank you.

Finally understood how to make a quilter’s knot! Wonderful workshop. 

Great very doable class in the time allotted David is a great instructor. I loved how he encouraged our experimentation

Erin Eggenburg, Saturday, Sept. 10: Visible Darning

Erin’s demos are really clear. Love the use of the overhead camera so we can see what she is doing with her hands, almost as if they were our own.

Wonderful instructor. patient ,clear and informative.  Have plenty of holes in socks from my kittens and look forward to fun creative repair alas. Thanks

I learned so many tips and tricks that corrected, enhanced and illuminated my visible mending efforts. Glad I got into the class and bought Erin's book!

All Star Virtual Sampler Platter, July 30 & 31

Thanks for sponsoring the event. It was fun and informative.

I really did not know what to expect from the 2-day Quilt Sampler virtual programs and thought that I would maybe watch a couple of them.  However, I was so enthused by the first ones that I watched all of them.  I loved the format, the moderators, and the presenters.  I enjoyed it so much.  Thanks for having these two days of fun.

I am really happy you are keeping online programs going.  I am a member up in Santa Rosa and value the prog

Lynn Koolish, Saturday, May 14: Inspired Stitches

Great slideshow of examples and inspirations. I enjoyed seeing everyone’s different take on this process. It’d be great to see photos of finished pieces.

Thank you Lynn, you presented an inspiring class about Kwandi, Kantha and Boro. I have long been interested in learning about these textile techniques. You have motivated me to get going, enthusiastically so. Great instruction,

Lynn's workshop was totally different than any workshop that I have ever taken, and I loved learning about the various types of quilts and objects made by the Siddi women in India and the women in Bangladesh and in Japan.  I don’t ordinarily like handwork, but this stitching "style” fascinated me.  Lynn is a great instructor—clear and knowledgeable and creative. 

Krista Hennebury, Saturday, April 9: Threadplay Pouch

Extra helpful tips for putting together the pouch, as well as useful tips on using different threads.

Excellent class!  Lots of great tips.  I have made lots of pouches but the tips were totally worth the class.  Thanks so much!

Erin Eggenberg, Saturday, March 12:  Visible Mending

Love the virtual mending it feels to me like meditation. I do yoga too.

Great workshop. I feel a workshop is successful if I pick up one or two tips I know I will use. Erin provided dozens of novel suggestions! Highly recommend her as a teacher!

Erin explains process well.  Also she has her zoom camera set up well so it is easy to see what she is doing.  It is like having a front row seat!  I too highly recommend her as a teacher.

Really like the MVP format. 3 hours was long enough to learn this technique without getting Zoom fatigue. Erin was engaging and clear. I feel empowered to go start mending my jeans.

Erin is so articulate. Her procedures are smart and she made them very clear as we practiced and listened. She answers new questions well too. Thank you again for a wonderful workshop.

I loved seeing the different types of mends Erin has done.  With so many useful tips for practical mending our clothes, I'm ready to get started!


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